What are Smart Buildings?

20 - 09 - 2022

Explore the concept of a smart building and all the benefits this new trend can bring for you.

Property owners and developers are keen on the idea of smart buildings, because of all the benefits this approach brings. The new trend ensures that living or working in those buildings is convenient, healthier, cheaper, and more sustainable. Applying smart technology alongside eco-friendly building and construction practices earns a building the ‘smart’ tag. Want to learn more? This article explores the concept of a smart building.

What are Smart Buildings?

Smart buildings have automated controls over most operations, such as heating, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, security, and other systems. The building has sensors, actuators, and microchips that collect occupant data to learn and improve the function of various amenities in the building. For example, the building can learn when you prefer to have the curtains drawn and automatically does that for you should you be occupied with other activities.

Smart building technology, in conjunction with an eco-friendly approach, improves living conditions while minimising occupant input and reducing resource wastage. Smart building controls help minimise energy use, allow for better use of available space, and affect the environment the least.

Smart buildings are not an alien concept but a progression of traditional buildings and construction. As the design of a building’s amenities improves, incorporating technology is the only logical next step, resulting in smart buildings. Therefore, smart building automation takes the existing designs and adds the element of efficiency and concern for the environment.

What makes a Building Smart?

Smart buildings share these qualities:

Focus on the occupants

These buildings are designed to work for the occupants, considering their ever-changing needs and expectations on the premises. For example, as more people prefer natural lighting and air circulation, smart building design prioritises those needs, resulting in more open spaces that minimise reliance on artificial light and HVAC systems.

Better security

Smart buildings incorporate machine learning, AI, and the Internet of Things in advanced security systems to ensure top-notch security in the most effortless manner possible. The result is buildings that are much harder for malicious entities to access and smart monitoring that is not intrusive yet always vigilant.

Flexible designs

Smart buildings are adaptable and capable of easy modification to meet new demands and conditions. The rigid design of traditional houses makes future modifications too expensive or virtually impossible. Smart buildings appreciate the need for change and are easier to modify as user needs evolve.

Discreet technology

The assumption that smart buildings have sensors and other instruments popping out of every wall and crevice is false. Smart devices are designed to be as invisible as possible, where processes and systems in the building function seamlessly. The idea of smart technologies is to understand an occupant’s needs and preferences and create an environment that fulfils those needs without interfering with their daily activities. For example, turning the lights on or off depending on which room the person is in should be a seamless event that’s more of an afterthought for the occupant.


Smart buildings, like any other, need energy and other natural resources to function. However, smart buildings tap into those resources responsibly. The building’s design ensures the least energy depletion. For example, using LED bulbs, turning off the lights when a room is unoccupied, heating only occupied rooms, and using motion-sensing security features keeps the energy bill low. Additionally, the building minimises waste as much as possible and includes proper waste disposal that pollutes the environment the least.

Continuous learning

Smart buildings are learning our habits with every passing moment. Such learning enables better resource management, a more intuitive approach that leads to higher levels of comfort and security in the house, and fewer instances of glitches or other undesirable events. Continuous improvements in smart building automation make living or working in the building much better for you.

Should I make my Building Smart?

The right renovations can transform your current premises into smart buildings. Here are the benefits of such a transformation:

  • Reduced running costs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased comfort
  • Boost employee productivity if it’s for an office
  • Aligning with your ESG commitments
  • Consideration for the occupant’s health and wellbeing
  • Full utilisation of the available space
  • Faster repair and maintenance activities due to enhanced monitoring
  • Overall increased occupant satisfaction

Smart buildings are the future, and taking steps to transform your premises into one or designing a new one to be smart will save you significant expenses, help with environmental conservation, and make the premises more comfortable and secure.

If you’re thinking about setting up your smart building, you need a reliable and experienced building materials supplier. We understand what you need, where, and how to deliver it at the most affordable prices and highest quality. Get in touch today, and let us discuss your building material supply needs.

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