Smart thermostats and their benefits

12 - 12 - 2022

We explore what a smart thermostat is and whether it will be a good fit for your lifestyle.

We’re all keen to keep a close eye on our energy usage. As well as helping to keep costs down, being in control of our heating is an important factor in reducing our impact on the planet. A smart thermostat makes it easier to control the temperature of your home, which in turn helps reduce overconsumption and keep bills down.

That said, you may still have some concerns about how a smart thermostat works and whether it will be a good fit for you and your lifestyle. This blog goes into more detail, to help you decide whether a smart thermostat is right for you.

What is a smart thermostat?

Like many other smart gadgets, a smart thermostat is connected to the internet. This means it can be controlled by a tablet, smartphone, smart speaker or smartwatch. This in turn gives you greater control over the thermostat. You can schedule the temperature and adjust settings at a moment’s notice. It’s also possible to incorporate a smart thermostat into a wider smart building concept to help you have maximum control over the functionality of your home.

How do smart thermostats work?

Just like a standard thermostat, a smart thermostat senses the temperature of your home and sends a signal to your heating or cooling system that it needs to switch on or off. A common wire connects to your heating or cooling device to send the simple on or off signal. There may be other wires for other functions such as emergency heat, auxiliary heat or two-stage heating.

A smart thermostat works in a similar way, with one key difference. Because a smart thermostat is connected to the home’s WiFi, it’s possible to adjust settings remotely. Whatever setting you put into your app is transmitted to the thermostat, which then does its thing and sends a signal to the heating or cooling system.

Is it really worth getting a smart thermostat?

For many people choosing to get a smart thermostat makes their life easier, saves money and helps them manage their energy usage. Here are some of the benefits of a smart thermostat:

You can respond to changes in weather

Imagine you’re away on holiday or with work and the snow starts to fall. You realise you’ve left your heating on a low setting to conserve energy, but now you’re worried about your home getting too cold. A few taps and you can make sure your home is at a safe temperature.

You can respond to those forgetful moments

If you’re away from home and you forget to adjust your heating, a smart thermostat makes it easy to turn your heating to a lower setting.

You can respond to your own body temperature

Often our heating is set to a specific temperature whatever we’re doing. With a smart thermostat, if you’re feeling too hot or too cold, you can adjust the heating without moving – great for getting extra toasty, or for keeping cool.

Find a smart thermostat with these functions for even more benefits

Depending on the type of smart thermostat you have, you may be able to set the temperature for individual rooms. This means that instead of heating the whole house, you can keep the rooms you use most warm, while keeping other rooms at a lower temperature. Some models learn your heating and cooling preferences so your home is always just as you like it and some models can run a diagnostic mode that alerts you to any problems with the heating system so you can act quickly if there’s any issue.

How does a smart thermostat save you money?

Having greater control over your thermostat means you can keep a close watch on your energy usage. If you accidentally leave the heating on there’s no need to wait until you get home to switch it off. Being able to heat individual rooms means that there is less wasted heat, and being able to control heat instantly means you can respond to particular circumstances as they happen.

How do you get a smart thermostat installed?

Most modern heating or cooling systems can be upgraded to work with a smart thermostat, but it’s always worth checking before you buy. You may need to have a C-wire installed on your existing thermostat – these are often included as an additional adapter kit. 

If you’d like to find out more about smart thermostats, including installation requirements and whether your system can upgrade and enjoy all the benefits of smart technology, just get in touch with us or give us a call on 01484 859134.

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