Modern Garden Edging Ideas

06 - 05 - 2022

Edging a garden can serve many purposes, one of the main being to stop the grass from your lawn growing into flower beds and anywhere else that it is not wanted. This is not the only reason however, as more and more people are deciding to use edging to add personality and style to their garden with the use of different materials.

So, whether you want to create room for a flower bed, create space for a tree or just to create different sections of your garden, read our blog on different materials you can use when edging your garden. We’ve also included some modern garden edging ideas to give you some inspiration for your next garden project.

Garden Edging Stones

garden edging stones


Edging stones are one of the most common materials that you will often see edging a garden and for good reason. Stylish and classical, and obviously made from all-natural materials, stone edging creates a hard border between sections of a garden. Because of the massive amount of variation in size, texture and colour, rocks can be found to suit any garden style under the sun.

Brick Garden Edging

brick garden edging

As well as stones, another material that many people opt for when edging a garden is brick. Bricks have the advantages of durability and versatility that comes with stone, but also offer their own reasons why you might want to consider them as a garden edging material.

Bricks are one of the most cost-effective choices when it comes to garden edging, mainly because you are using pre-created forms that are already manufactured on a massive scale internationally. Uniform in shape and colour, bricks are easy to find and replace if any are broken, or if you wish to change or extend your garden edges.

Additionally, their natural variation gives a bit of interest whilst still looking uniform. For example, very slight differences in the shade of red in each brick, determined by the types of clay and tiny changes during the firing process, can add character to a garden border.

Wooden Garden Edging

wooden garden edging

Another perennial favourite material for making garden edging out of is wood. This environmentally friendlier material allows for added sustainability, which as we know is becoming a more and more important part of garden and home design.

The main advantage that wood has is that as well as being incredibly abundant and therefore available, it is very easy to work. It can be cut, carved, sanded or whittled into any shape imaginable, and then adding to this the range of stains, varnishes and other finishes, means that wood can be moulded to fit any garden with any style.

Plastic and Rubber Garden Edging

Plastic Garden Edging

Edging made of synthetic materials such as plastic or rubber is becoming more and more popular in gardens around the world. Especially when made from recycled or reclaimed matter, building garden edges from these materials could offer a cheap, environmentally conscious alternative to other garden edging materials.

Plastic can take years to begin to degrade, and whilst we know this is bad news in most circumstances, when building a garden border it is what makes it such a perfect material.

Rubber can last even longer than plastic, and therefore is one of the most durable materials you can make garden edging out of. It is good for edging for the same reason that it is good for car tyres – it is weatherproof, waterproof and incredibly long-lasting.

Rubber garden edging can be moulded and flexed into many different shapes. This makes it a great choice for gardens with lots of curves or lots of areas that need separation.

Consult the experts

This is far from a comprehensive list. Almost any material that can be used in construction can also be used to make garden edges. Think outside the box about what materials you can use. This will really help you bring your own style and personality into your garden.

For example, metal garden edging is a choice that many people would not think of at first, but it can be an incredibly effective choice for hard borders. Similarly, concrete garden edging can be much more versatile and aesthetically pleasing than you may first consider, as being able to pour it into any shape desired can make for some really interesting choices, with elements of practicality as well as design.

JT Building Supplies is a trusted and experienced builders merchant in West Yorkshire, based near Huddersfield. We are proud to work with suppliers of high quality materials, and put customer satisfaction at the forefront of any and all work that we do. So if you are thinking of adding edging to your garden and are in need of or if you are just in need of some friendly, expert advice, contact us today.

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